Okay, now I get it.

A rogue economist gone rogue.

I don’t know exactly what Corey is doing with us (my team Slambot), but I think it’s working. We had a really open, honest rehearsal yesterday. We all played so comfortably and naturally, and it was really noticeable that we’ve all grown a lot as performers since we started together. 

Corey is such a great coach/mentor, and really invested in all of us.

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Joanna Borns is one of the most inventive bakers I know. And that is a high compliment coming from me. 

We had white chocolate and lemon cookies at practice tonight. A really impressive combination. 

I’m dead serious about this, because dessert is not a joke. 

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Stephanie Streisand: Hey everyone, As you know if you have been following my tumblr posts,...


Hey everyone,

As you know if you have been following my tumblr posts, my show Convicts, Skinheads & Rabbis is this Thursday, 12/15, at UCB Chelsea, at 6pm (up third at 7). And you know you can reserve tickets by clicking here.

What you may not know are all the people that contributed to…

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"Break their feet."

-my dad to me, before a show

Close enough! I’ll take it.

Big step for all involved.

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As some of you may know, Paramount commissioned (in)famous director M. Night Shyamalan to adapt the popular Nickelodian series “Avatar: The Last Airbender” into a movie trilogy. The TV series revolves a fantasical, Hayao Miyazaki-inspired universe that deals with individuals capable of controlling and manipulating (aka “bending”) one or several of the earth’s elements – Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire – and how the main protagonist, Aang, the Last Airbender, is destined to bring back balance when the Fire nation’s imperialistic and war-mongering desires get out of hand. The movie is slated for release July 1st this year, and its production has led to a lot of controversy specifically with regards to its casting. 

Though I’m not a particular fan of the show (nor do I dislike it) and am simply neutral overall, I feel that it is necessary to state for several reasons why I will not support this movie for professional, philosophical and personal reasons. 

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"I knew many Asian children (especially Asian American girls) who loved the Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan…they loved her not only because she kicked ass, but additionally because she was Asian. Many of the same girls also loved Fa Mulan in Disney’s 1998 "Mulan" for this same reason.

These women, these characters - they were them, they empathized and sympathized with their cultural roots, they were heroes.

I only hope that one day, if I happen to have a kid, that they will have someone to look up to on the big screen, someone that shares their innate empathy and understanding of their Eastern (and perhaps mixed) cultural roots.”

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I saw my family this weekend, and I took my 12-year-old cousin out for “girl time.” I wanted to give her some real life advice. Something that only an older cousin could say to her. 

It took me all day to figure out whether to take her to a bookstore and talk about intelligence, achievement, and school subjects…or take her to get her eyebrows done and tell her that people will take her more seriously if she dresses up a bit. (I disgust myself, don’t worry.) But I’m really not sure of which would prepare her better for the real world. 

This, of course, is a bigger issue than the day spent with my cousin (see attached Dove ad). Yes, we all know that the beauty industry is horrible. Yes, the images sold to young girls are disgusting. But, if you’re reading this, you’re probably an actor, which means that you/I/we work in a largely looks-based industry.

So, what’s the solution? Do we:

A) Play the looks game? Take the girl to get her nails done? 

B) Refuse to be valued for our looks? Buy her another math book? 

C) Here’s the real question…is there a C? Is there some combination of both these things? 

We, lady comedians/writers/performers, hold a lot of power in this discussion. Like it or not, people look up to entertainers. The work that we write, produce, or act in is going to affect the next generation in a significant way. Among the women, the game changers are going to be the ones who manage to redefine the way the media sells beauty to girls.

I’m not sure that I’m making much of an argument, and I definitely don’t have an answer for this. But I do know that girls need to see more smart women holding their own in a looks-based society without wanting to blow their brains out. I also know that it’s on us, UCB ladies, to think about all of this. 

I’m not done with this. More later. 

(I ended up buying my cousin an ungodly amount of chocolate.)

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A mouse!

Saturday morning I was getting ready to head into the city for the day and I saw something out if the corner of my eye. Then I heard something rustling. I grabbed a flashlight laud down, shined it underneath my tv stand and there he was.

I recoiled backwards hitting my head on a tv tray. Scared despite I fully expected to see him.

I was torn. Do I head into the city to coach Robber Baron or do I try to catch him? As he scurried along the edge of the floor behind the sofa I decided I stood no chance of getting him and left.

I knew there were mice in the building. The landlord had sent an exterminator a few weeks back and he laid some poison (he also sprayed for roaches). Still I had never seen a mouse before Saturday.

During the day I wrestled with telling Cat. I was worried she’d be nervous, but I wanted to mane sure she stored her food in safe containers.

So I told her. We came home that night and didn’t see him.

The next day I’m at my computer and ge runs by my feet.

So I head off to the Astoria Home Depot and bought three types of traps and some peanut butter for bait.

I set one trap behind my computer. One behind the couch. And one near the tv stand. While setting that last one I had to move a bookshelf. Doing that caused a picture fram to drop on my head, cutting me slightly.

Traps are set. Nothing’s been caught.

The upshot for Cat is that I am so upset about having a rodent run around my home that I may finally relent and get a cat. Which Catherine is very excited about.

Is there a chance she planted the mouse so we’d get a cat?

I’ve had to kill four mice in the five years I’ve lived in my apartment.  That said, snap traps and peanut butter work best so you’ve made good choices.  Prepare yourself.  It will take a day or so, but it will happen…and you will need to be ready for the clean-up.  May the force be with you.  In other news, have I mentioned how much I love Reuben Williams?!

I know that not everyone is going to humanely trap and release the mice in their apartments, but it’s worth putting this information out there.

If you’ve ever seen what a fly paper mousetrap does to a mouse, I doubt that you’d ever use one again. They’re horrendously cruel and completely unnecessary. One entire side of a mouse’s body (including an eyeball) gets stuck to the paper and the mouse wrestles to get free until it dies. It either thrashes about until it breaks its limbs, rips an eyeball out of its socket, or starves to death.

The poison traps are slightly more humane, as they kill the mice faster. Still, the mice are in pain as they inhale gas, their lungs burn from the inside, and they’re asphyxiated.

I don’t understand why it’s not seen as a form of animal cruelty to kill mice. There is just no reason to do it, aside from narcissistic human convenience. Animals don’t need to die to be removed from your apartment.

Please, please check out these no-kill mousetraps. They’re just as - if not more - effective than most traditional mousetraps. They’re generally cheaper, and the mice are caught faster. If you don’t want to spend the money on a no-kill mousetrap, just ask me and I’ll give you one. I have a few extra lying around.

Please don’t kill your mice. It’s horrible, and cruel, and wrong. I don’t know what else I can say about this to get my point across.

No-kill mousetraps at the links below. I’ve found the Mice Cube to be most effective, but all work fine.



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Homegirl needs a microwave, part 1

Homegirl needs a microwave. She wonders…is there a way to cook a veggie burger without a microwave or a toaster oven? If there is, she will find it. Stay tuned.

Homegirl also needs some plates.

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